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OpenText Rights Management

Protect valuable and sensitive content wherever it is and prevent intellectual property theft, unauthorized access, and inappropriate use

OpenText Rights Management protects your business from the information misuse, intellectual property theft, and privacy leaks that continue to plague the public and private sectors. These damaging problems have become more common as a result of the ease with which information can be copied and distributed via email, USB drive, or other means. OpenText Rights Management enhances the security of the OpenText repository by adding protection that follows content no matter where it goes.

Features & Benefits

  • Protect against any form of distribution: Lock files against unauthorized access, whether those files are distributed manually (via USB drive or CD), sent via email, or downloaded inappropriately. Prevent unauthorized users from opening or forwarding email attachments.
  • Protect all file types: Add digital rights management to content produced in Microsoft Office applications as well as virtually all other file formats, including PDF, HTML, CAD, image files, ZIP, archives, and more.
  • Apply rights management to existing and new content: Add Rights Management to an OpenText repository to further protect existing content, and set policies to protect new files as they’re stored in the repository.
  • Protect content on BlackBerry: Allow only authorized users to open and view protected content on their BlackBerry smartphones.
  • Comply with government and industry requirements: Demonstrate compliance with information security standards such as U.S. Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and similar regulations around the world.

Persistent Protection of Valuable Content

OpenText Rights Management extends OpenText ECM Suite with capabilities for protecting content within and beyond the enterprise firewall. By locking files and preventing them from being forwarded or opened by unauthorized users, OpenText Rights Management protects controlled content that is emailed, downloaded to local machines within the network, copied to a USB drive or CD, and distributed outside the corporate network. It enhances your organization’s security strategies to provide persistent protection of content, even when that content leaves the secure confines of the corporate network.

OpenText Rights Management encrypts content and its publishing license together and stores the key on a rights management server accessible over the Internet. When a recipient attempts to open rights-protected content, a request is sent to the rights management server to validate the user's credentials and usage rights. These usage rights dictate whether the user can view, email, print, or perform any other action on the content. OpenText Rights Management allows content owners to define rules that govern how anyone else can interact with enterprise content throughout its lifecycle.

Full integration with the OpenText ECM Suite allows you to quickly add Rights Management to an existing OpenText deployment and immediately augment the existing security for any content asset stored in the OpenText Enterprise Library. You can protect files as they are ingested into the ECM Suite or map policies to existing content based on established security levels.

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