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Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd. (HUM)

Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd. is improving its supply chain efficiency and optimizing production with OpenText EasyLink's Managed EDI Service

Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd. (HUM) logo

Collaborative environment helps the company drive continuous and quantifiable advancements in its supply chain

With EasyLink EDI Managed Services, we're able to maintain our current production levels and the delivery of high-quality vehicles with speed, efficiency, and precision.

Division Manager for Purchasing Logistics


  • Multiple EDI systems
  • Forecasting issues created non-production incidents
  • Innacurate supplier labeling and documentation details



  • Real-time supply chain visibility
  • Seamless information flow
  • Reduction in labeling and documentation errors
  • Powerful online ordering and delivery system
  • Robust, detailed, on-demand forecasting

About Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd. (HUM)

Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd (HUM), is a fully integrated car manufacturing facility based in Swindon, Wiltshire. It’s a place where its Associates work together to manufacture innovative products specifically built for the European Market. A passion for automotive engineering drives everything they do. At HUM they produce the total car, from casting, engine assembly and pressing through to welding, painting and final assembly.