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OpenText Document Access for SAP® Solutions

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Single point of access to business documents cross SAP processes and applications

Gain complete transparency of your business processes with a single point of access to all your business data and documents in the respective business context. This powerful solution allows you to store, manage, and retrieve SAP and non-SAP documents across SAP modules and applications such as SAP ERP or SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Non-SAP documents can originate from various sources such as host systems, legacy software, or customer-specific applications. Users are provided with a document-centric view of business processes with an intuitive navigation and folder structure. Key capabilities include integration of archived data in the folder views, mass document scanning, local scanning for confidential documents, batch input interfaces and desktop document integration with rendition to long-term formats. In addition, the solution can be optionally extended to capture email content. Also Imaging Viewers are provided with notes and annotation capabilities. ArchiveLink PLUS provides enhanced user experience with compelling attachment lists and full text search.

  • Process transparency thru single point of access to SAP data and documents in the business context
  • Immediate productivity gains through intuitive user interface
  • Eliminate the costs for paper and paper handling inefficiencies
  • Reduce TCO in IT by supporting data archiving and legacy decommissioning


The biggest benefit of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is productivity. You can now work anywhere - from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Wouter van den Heever, ECM manager, Distell

Our invoice processing operations went from 100 percent paper-based to 100 percent non-paper-based and we were able to reduce our total staff from thirteen FTEs to only five. We’ve decreased invoice processing costs by over 50 percent, driven mainly by headcount reduction, but also due to instituting a more automated process that reduces errors.

Farrah Goldberg, General Accounting Manager, Bumble Bee Foods

One of the biggest benefits we’ve had is that statistically we can track and measure everything and anything now, and we never had that capability before. This has significantly improved our abilities to follow up on queries, provide faster responses, and ultimately ensure that we can provide better customer service at the end of the day.

Ron Silvestri, Group Manager, Shared Services, CBH Group.

OpenText Data Archiving for SAP® Solutions has become an essential element of our overall SAP landscape at AVI.

John van der Hoeven, Infrastructure Executive at AVI

The OpenText solutions are an extension of our enterprise applications and will allow us to scale along with SAP as we continue to grow. It’s highly customizable as well as extremely stable and has given us the ability to better manage the creation and delivery of customer communication across all four states that we operate in.

Ryan Esch, SAP Analyst

The key benefits are that we have one ECM system for all users. We can ensure a single version of the truth. We plan to implement records management on top of that so we can ensure compliance when we are audited. We can improve work processes around administration – there is a lot to gain there. We will also reduce the amount of paper we use.

Jos Linden, Program Manager at SABIC

Thanks to its complete conversion of payment processes to electronic form, including the approval and confirmation stages, the system has significantly reduced the amount of time taken to process invoices. Because it is no longer necessary to send original documents all over the country by post, and because the system's automated processes make it possible to incorporate and monitor every step, efficiency has increased and oversight has been stepped up. Improvements in these indicators led to a 40% reduction in the number of staff involved in the processing of primary financial documentation with no change in the volume of documents processed (7,000 sets per month).

Rohan Cummings, Director Finance and Control, SABMiller RUS

Our previous experience with OpenText in conjunction with SAP impressively demonstrates that we can map the majority of our process environment with just two solutions: SAP for ERP and OpenText for ECM.

Stephan Sachs, Manager of Application Security & Enterprise Content, Linde Group

We have a plethora of retention schedules to worry about, with some records being kept for only very short periods and others for periods of 75 years and longer. The OpenText system gives us the control we need to identify and handle those records quickly, simply, and with confidence.

Lynn Farrell, SAP HR and Payroll Manager, Southwark Council

The most significant business benefits resulting from the implementation of OpenText ECM Suite for SAP Solutions are the speed at which an invoice is approved (minutes vs. days) and the improved ability to view documents and track invoices in the approval process. We can now also easily summarize our un-posted liabilities. These benefits were anticipated and achieved.

Brunson White, CIO, Energen