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Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Create brand loyalty by delivering consistent, targeted, omni-channel customer experiences with OpenText Customer Experience Management (CEM) software solutions

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Customer Experience Management Software Suite

The OpenText Customer Experience Managment software suite provides tools that help improve time-to-market by giving your customers, employees, and channel partners rich, personalized, and engaging experiences every time.

Not every Content Management System (CMS), Digital Asset Management (DAM) or Document Presentment application is designed to address the complexities and speed that organizations need today. To prosper, you must think not just mobile first, but AUDIENCE first -  be bold, enforce brand consistency, and engage in social communications through community-driven websites all to improve marketing, sales and customer service. OpenText software systems are designed to assist in delivering your digital presence and the correspondence that enables you to amplify your online marketing strategy, manage your global brand, embrace social business, and produce effective customer communications.

Featured Products

OpenText Tempo Social

Create a social workplace, augment your social marketing activities, and build a more social intranet to improve collaboration, enrich user experience, and extend communications.

  • Connecting with user, partners and customers through conversation
  • Getting closer to customers in a way that drives cost efficiencies
  • Integrating business functions with the social infrastructure!
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OpenText™ Media Management

Effectively "media enabling" your organization for greater productivity and faster time to market requires a connected Marketing and Enterprise ecosystem. Media Management has several out of the box integrations with these technology applications making it a core component of an interconnected Enterprise DAM. REST APIs and configurable customizations enable Data sharing, synchronization and collaboration supporting the creation, management and delivery of digital assets. Media Management lets you work the way you want today; adapting and growing with you for tomorrow.

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OpenText Web Experience Management

Create and deliver dynamic, targeted interactions across multiple touch points with this solution built for high-performance, enterprise-scalable, and transaction-oriented web applications.

  • Leverage responsive design to display content consistently across mobile devices
  • Increase revenue by satisfying customers with compelling experiences and meaningful conversations
  • Take advantage of every customer touch point with device neutral, content-centric experiences 
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Business Needs

A Better Way to Work

The OpenText Experience Suite maximizes the Customer Lifetime Value and delivers a better way to work; addressing better engagement, better insight and better innovation across customers, partners, and employees while improving digital operations and control associated with managing information across the enterprise.

Better engagement

Whether users are  customers, employees, suppliers or partners, effectively engaging them in the digital medium of their choice is how organizations are differentiating themselves today.

Better productivity

Digital transformation inside the enterprise can radically increase productivity through integrating business processes and applications for their employees, teams, and partners.

Better insight

Better engagement, productivity and innovations aren’t possible without better insight, backed by data and the ability to derive prediction and conclusions  from it.

Better control

While taking advantage of information to pursue their digital transformation, organizations also need to ensure that they mitigate the risk information could present for their customers,  suppliers,business partners, and for themselves.


Experience Suite Platform

Digital Asset Management

The proven, tested enterprise Digital Asset Management (e-DAM) solution that accelerates the workflow-driven creation, collaboration, production and distribution of digital media.

  • Customizable, Browser-based Portal
  • Any number of “consumer users” to read, search, view, browse and download
  • Embedded File Acceleration to transfer large files faster
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Customer Communications Management

Enhance customer relationships and value by enabling automated and interactive communications of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) organizations.

  • Personalize touchpoints for 1-on-1 contact in mass produced documents
  • Simplify and automate document handling
  • Improve communication adoption rates
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Web Content Management

Create and deliver dynamic, targeted interactions across multiple geographic touch points with this comprehensive solution built for high-performance, enterprise-scalable, and transaction-oriented Web applications.

  • Leverage responsive design to display content consistently across mobile devices
  • Increase revenue by satisfying customers with compelling experiences and meaningful conversations
  • Take advantage of every customer touch point with device neutral, content-centric experiences.
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Marketing Optimization

Design digital experiences that delight customers, nurture closer relationships, and engage them at every step of the decision journey to drive brand loyalty, revenue, and customer lifetime value.

  • Optimize and personalize one-on-one interactions with your web and mobile site visitors to maximize online revenue, sales, conversion rates, and other business KPIs
  • Prove marketing ROI for digital commerce, assets, campaigns, and customer experiences
  • Structure a conversion rate optimization program with the right tools, planning, and strategic guidance
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Contact Center Workforce Optimization (WFO)

OpenText workforce optimization (WFO) solutions drive continuous contact center and back office workforce performance and customer service improvements. The fully integrated OpenText™ Qfiniti product suite offers fulltime call recording, workforce management, quality monitoring, process automation, liability recording, coaching and eLearning, and post-interaction surveys.

  • Maintain consistent quality measurement and provide fast, effective coaching with automated reporting
  • Manage regulatory demands with intelligent masking and muting with metadata attach
  • Drive continuous process optimization with real-time agent guidance and desktop automation
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Experience Analytics

Leverage real-time analytics in visual dashboards and reports inline with your digital media asset, web and communication authoring workspaces.

  • Marketing can optimize content publishing to meet audience preferences
  • Business users gain insight into the digital customer journey for data-rich communications and web content
  • Digital strategists can understand trends in big data and engage predictive modeling to make forward-looking decisions 
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Resource Center

OpenText Experience Suite in Action

See how OpenText Experience Suite fuels omni-channel commerce, no matter what product you’re selling.

Experience Suite Resources

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