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Metro Cash and Carry

Metro Cash and Carry

Retail giant Metro uses OpenText Business Process Management (BPM) Server for its invoice controlling processes.

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Every business relies on transactions between the internal organization and external partners, such as customers or suppliers. Paper documents, such as orders or invoices, often initiate transactions between companies. Large enterprises can receive thousands of documents on a daily basis.

Managing these documents manually easily results in misfiling or even a loss of information. Access to paper-based documents is difficult and time-consuming and impairs productivity. In the field of customer service, the search for documents slows down responsiveness to customer requests. Companies mired in paper-based processes and information silos risk being held back by unsatisfied customers, high customer turnover and significant competitive disadvantage.

OpenText delivers applications for transactional content management that are seamlessly integrated into business applications and bring people, processes and content together.

OpenText ECM Suite Applications for Transactional Content Management

OpenText ECM Suite applications for Transactional Content Management include:

  • OpenText ECM Suite, Transactional Content Processing (TCP) speeds up business processes by capturing transactional content and delivering it to the right people in the context of steps in the process chain. With its building blocks of capture, process, preserve, access, and integrate, TCP provides a platform for a range of solutions that require the integration of transactional content with business processes.
  • OpenText Enterprise Process Services automates high-volume, transactional business processes. Highly flexible and scalable, OpenText Enterprise Process Services provides event-based processing, integration with ERP and legacy applications, and graphical process design and modeling tools.
  • OpenText Shared Document Access for SAP® Solutions integrates SAP applications with a Transactional Content Processing application that enables you to manages content-centric business processes that must interact with non-SAP applications in addition to SAP applications. It enables the development of purpose-built solutions, such as customer and vendor self-service portals that integrate information managed in SAP systems without compromising the security of those systems.