OpenText Extended ECM
for SAP® Solutions

Enterprise Content Management in the Context of Your SAP® Environment

Many business processes, in both commercial and government organizations, span the worlds of transactional data and business content. OpenText Extended ECM (sold by SAP as SAP Extended ECM by OpenText) extends the transactional process management capabilities of SAP ERP with comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capabilities, including document management, records management and collaboration. With OpenText Extended ECM, you can unite the worlds of ERP and ECM in a single solution, reducing the risks and costs of records mismanagement, increasing information worker productivity and enhancing your ability to comply with regulations.


  • Access enterprise content via SAP interfaces
  • Mitigate risk by maintaining content integrity
  • Enhance customer service levels
  • Improve overall information management
  • Reduce costs of enterprise content management
  • Maximize ROI of your SAP investments
  • Reduce TCO of your IT environment
  • Capture ideas, experience and knowledge
  • Stimulate innovation and creativity
  • Increase speed and adaptability to change
  • Apply records management controls to SAP content

Business processes, such as case management, tax and revenue management, grants management, contract management, agenda management, vendor invoice management, budget formulation, performance management, lease and contract management, HR processes and more, must deal with large volumes of business content, including paper, electronic forms, email, office documents and so on. This content must be captured, managed, stored, preserved and delivered to the right user, at the right time and in the right place. The “right user” means only those users that are authorized to see the information. The “right time” is as soon as they need it. The “right place” for SAP users is in the context of SAP transactions, directly within your SAP interfaces. Even non-SAP users have access via OpenText Extended ECM’s native Web interface.

OpenText Extended ECM manages all forms of content throughout the entire content lifecycle. OpenText Extended ECM combines secure, automated capture, storage, and organization of documents with archiving, records management, and imaging functionality. In addition, it provides team collaboration, collaborative workflow and search and retrieval capabilities.

With OpenText Extended ECM, you can mitigate risk while improving productivity and information accessibility. For organizations like yours, no other solution is better suited to help you meet your enterprise content and records management obligations and improve overall organizational performance.