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Capture paper and electronic documents and transform them into digital content to reduce cost, speed up processes, and ensure legal compliance.

For your organization to optimize the value of its information, your business documents need to be captured and easily accessible after they are captured, in any format.  Often, business documents are tied to document-centric processes like order management, accounts payable, and contract management. The speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of these processes are driven by the integration of structured (data from business or ERP applications) and unstructured information (such as emails, images, documents). OpenText Capture and Recognition bridges the gap between the structured and the unstructured world. By extracting business relevant data from documents with technology based on optical character recognition (OCR) a collection of pixels is transformed into actionable information.

Our capture and recognition products help improve efficiencies by supporting business processes. By extracting business information, an ERP transaction can be triggered without human intervention.  They also reduce the high cost of processing paper by converting paper documents into digital content.

Control the flow of incoming documents across your organization with OpenText Capture and Recognition software—and connect information to critical business transactions to accelerate business processes, lower operating costs, and reduce compliance risks.

OpenText Capture and Recognition Products

OpenText Capture Center

Capture and interpret paper documents, scanned images, email, and faxes using the most advanced document and character recognition capabilities available to turn documents into machine-readable information.
OpenText ImagingA complete solution for capturing and viewing the complete range of business documents.

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OpenText Capture Center

Learn how your organization can reduce operating costs, improve information quality, accelerate business process, and reduce compliance risks.

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