Enterprise Information Archiving

Minimize long-term storage costs, streamline the eDiscovery process, and meet compliance requirements

Information management is expanding beyond email, documents, and applications to include web content, social feeds, instant messaging, and more. As such, organizations require a defensible, long-term archiving strategy to comply with Information Governance requirements and to reduce the costs associated with archiving unnecessary content.

OpenText Archiving provides secure, cost-effective, and multi-faceted storage for Enterprise Information Management (EIM) in a scalable repository built for high volumes of data at different stages of the content lifecycle. Leveraging a single, tiered repository to store and access critical information, you can ensure quicker response times to eDiscovery and proof-of-compliance requests, as well as minimized storage costs with compression, smart disposal, auto-classification, and de-duplication capabilities.

When combined with industry-leading records management, OpenText Archiving can help to optimize the eDiscovery process, reduce non-compliance risk, and improve efficiency with robust search.

OpenText Archiving Software Products

OpenText ArchiveSave up to 50% on storage costs with tiered archiving for high-volume Enterprise Information Management along all stages of the content lifecycle.
OpenText Archiving for SAP® Solutions Improve operational efficiency and productivity, reduce the total cost of ownership, and ensure compliance with secure long-term archiving of SAP data and documents.
OpenText File System ArchivingAutomate the capture of shared file systems into a single repository to ensure content integrity, avoid redundancy, reduce storage costs, and enable records management.
OpenText Email ManagementArchive, control, and manage email to reduce storage costs, improve server performance, control the lifecycle of email content, support eDiscovery, and ensure compliance.
OpenText Application Governance & Archiving for Microsoft® SharePoint®More effectively manage SharePoint sites to enforce broader compliance and archiving policies, open access to all enterprise content, and lower ongoing administration and storage costs.
OpenText Storage Services for Microsoft® SharePoint®Store Microsoft SharePoint Server content in external storage devices and reduce wasted space by automatically detecting multiple instances of the same content.
OpenText Integration Center for Data ArchivingEnable full audit and Records Management for data archiving alongside files and emails from any business application.

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