Genzyme Success Story

Genzyme pushes the envelope and derives business success from OpenText technology


Using OpenText ECM to Enhance Collaboration and Knowledge Management

“We can simply do a search on it and get the information we need, saving a lot of time. OpenText has really become a common word at Genzyme—as common as Outlook or Word.”

— Mark Wescott, Senior IT Manager, ECM

Mark Wescott from Genzyme and Therese Harris from Open Text discuss the global scalability of the Open Text technology.


With multiple worldwide locations and strict compliance regulations to adhere to, Genzyme's biggest document and knowledge management challenges were keeping everything organized and everybody informed.



Genzyme created a flexible, multilingual work environment. The company has pioneered standards in document management and enhanced knowledge sharing. The OpenText system enabled quick, efficient collaboration, improved global performance, and mitigated compliance risk.

About the Organization

Genzyme, a biotechnology company founded in 1981, has approximately 9,500 employees, with over 70 locations across 30 countries—including 17 manufacturing sites and 9 genetic testing labs. Its major marketed products fall into several categories including: reproductive oncology; diagnostic testing; genetic diseases; renal diseases; and orthopedic and vital surgery. The company strives to develop breakthrough therapies to aid the medical needs of patients with no other treatment options available.

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