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Taking the E2.0 Leap

Webinar: Taking the E2.0 Leap - How to make the decision to invest in Enterprise 2.0

At OpenText we look at Social Media as a great opportunity to make your businesses more effective by creating stronger relationships – with your markets, your customers, your partners, and your co-workers.

We know that each of these relationships is different and the reason that they are important to you is also different. We offer three different Social Media offerings that are each focused on a different need:

  • Engaging Websites and Communities: Whether you’re trying to make your existing Web site more engaging and credible by adding social content to it, or make your intranet more current and relevant, OpenText Tempo Social gives you the option of working with your existing site or building a new one that includes ratings, reviews, wikis, blogs, and other social tools to make your community more valuable to its members.
  • Team Enablement, Organizational Alignment, and Knowledge Management: OpenText Social Workplace makes it easy for teams to form, organize, aggregate, iterate, and deliberate on work. The shared workspace makes teams more productive, makes it easy to identify resources and experts within the organization, and makes it easy to capture knowledge as its created so that it is available for reference and reuse in context.
  • More Effective, More Satisfying Content Management: Existing customers of OpenText products based on OpenText Content Server (part of the OpenText Enterprise Library), including Content Lifecycle Management and Extended Collaboration, can benefit from Pulse, a new free social media experience that adds activity feeds and microblogging to improve adoption, satisfaction, and ultimately the quality and speed of content creation within your existing technology footprint.

All of OpenText's Social Media solutions are built to scale and built with compliance, and control in mind.