OpenText Enterprise Connect

Eliminate barriers to user adoption and accelerate delivery of content-enabled applications

OpenText Enterprise Connect is a revolutionary user interface paradigm designed to empower information workers to access and interact with all their business content, applications, and processes directly from familiar desktop environments, including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, Windows Explorer, messaging clients like Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, and browser-based interfaces.

With OpenText Enterprise Connect, information workers can easily interact with content from multiple repositories and business applications. In some integrations, users can even drag and drop objects between repositories, initiate workflows, and apply metadata and records classifications to objects.

OpenText Enterprise Connect features a powerful plug-in architecture to facilitate rapid deployment of content-enabled applications through an enhanced universal interface that leverages single-sign-on technology. The need to train users on multiple business applications is minimized, because Enterprise Connect enables the content of these applications to appear as a natural extension of the user’s preferred productivity tools – such as Microsoft Outlook. Enterprise Connect features ready-to-deploy plug-ins available to access and interact with content stored in the Document Management component of the OpenText ECM Suite (Content Lifecycle Management), OpenText eDOCS, SAP applications, and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server repositories.

OpenText Enterprise Connect also features an innovative wizard-driven, browser-based interface that enables information workers to create business views of enterprise content. Users require absolutely no programming skills as OpenText Enterprise Connect walks them through the process of defining and producing tailored business-centric views of enterprise content. Custom views are centrally stored and cached so that they can easily be assigned to users in specific roles across the enterprise, thereby ensuring that information workers have personalized, current, and accurate views of the content they need.

OpenText Enterprise Connect represents the future of how information workers will find, access, and work with enterprise content-in the actual context of how they work, and from the comfort of the productivity tools they prefer.


  • Dramatically simplifies user experience: OpenText Enterprise Connect aggregates different types of business content and delivers it to the information worker desktop in a logical, business-centric view that is customized to the user’s role – all within the familiar interfaces that they use most.
  • Overcomes user adoption challenges: OpenText Enterprise Connect delivers content from business content and applications, such as those from SAP and Oracle, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and OpenText ECM Suite, to the information worker’s interface of choice. This avoids users having to learn and work across multiple applications to find and work with the content they need to carry out tasks and complete process steps.OpenText Enterprise Connect even allows users to tag enterprise content for offline usage, allowing them to find and work with the most important information even while disconnected.
  • Includes a fully featured software development kit (SDK): OpenText Enterprise Connect makes it easy for customers, partners, and third-party developers and system integrators to deliver any content-centric application to users at the desktop level in a variety of familiar interfaces. .NET and C++ base classes, plus source documentation, source code, and a variety of tools are included with the SDK to help organization easily and efficiently develop custom solutions and plug-ins for OpenText Enterprise Connect.