OpenText Suspense Tracking for Microsoft® SharePoint®

Streamlined and automated ad-hoc and recurring task tracking for improved readiness, responsiveness, and productivity

Within many organizations the volume of work continues to increase while resources decline. Manual-intensive and paper-based processes put a strain on the effectiveness, timeliness, and accuracy of actions and responses. In a web-based environment where response time becomes a critical measurement of performance, effective suspense (i.e. task) management is imperative. Using technologies to automate and streamline suspense tracking, while providing visibility into the process is critical to the readiness, responsiveness, and productivity of any organization.

Built on a seamless integration between OpenText Content Server™ as a trusted repository and Microsoft® SharePoint® as an infrastructure platform, OpenText Suspense Tracking delivers a robust tasking system that allows for the spontaneous routing of daily work activities from routine to process-oriented collaborative actions which require a formal coordination process. The solution tracks all actions or “suspenses” of multiple types to ensure that necessary responses have been made, determine how long it took to respond, and what the response contained. With OpenText Suspense Tracking the entire lifecycle of a suspense is automated, from receiving assignments to initiating, routing, delegating, and generating a response for review, approval, distribution and final archiving.


  • Increase productivity and reduce cost through automated processes, increased transparency, and improved response capability
  • Improve transparency by giving authorized personnel visibility into all phases of a suspense
  • Reduce risk with assured compliance through increased controls
  • Simplify suspense tracking
  • Optimize efficiencies through easy-to-use collaboration, dashboards, detailed reporting, and an underlying content management repository
  • Comply with key regulations such as Section 508, DoD 5015 RM, Digital Signature and E-Signature


  • Based on the powerful OpenText Application Governance & Archiving for Microsoft SharePoint module, the solution leverages features such as site metadata, property inheritance, subscription services, enhanced auditing and archiving.
  • Personnel at all levels can coordinate and complete vital suspenses across multiple stakeholders including individuals, project teams or ad-hoc working groups—promoting  collaboration with online private, secure workspaces and full visibility to management at all stages.
  • Users can assign and manage tasks by individual or groups with capability for global actions enabling effective workload management and task reassignments as needed.
  • A suspense tracking dashboard gives users a comprehensive view of all suspenses that are clearly labeled and initially prioritized, providing a clear communications history of any suspense and its accompanying information.

Suspenses can be effectively consolidated and prioritized in the Suspense Tracking Dashboard

  • Users can produce daily, weekly, and monthly metrics for tracking status, briefing executives, and reporting critical deadlines through canned and ad-hoc reports. Reports can be exported into CSV or XML format to meet additional reporting needs.
  • Easily capture attributes and metadata to meet records management requirements. With additional configuration, the solution can be fully integrated into an Open Text Records Management solution, which fully adheres to DoD 5015.