Enterprise Content Management: Solutions

by Bill Forquer, Peter Jelinski and Tom Jenkins

In some industries, more regulations have been passed in the last few years than have been written in almost a century. From the Patriot Act to Sarbanes-Oxley and Basel 2 and DOMEA regulations, governments are creating more secure living conditions for consumers. Across many industries, individuals and companies have already been penalized for not complying with these regulations and mismanaging critical business content.

The first book in the trilogy, ECM Solutions, sets the stage by introducing relevant ECM business needs and technology elements. It focuses on ROI and Compliance as the principle drivers of ECM adoption and explores how to maximize both from your ECM solutions.

ECM Solutions addresses industry- and department-specific problems and provides examples of some of the ECM solutions used by industry leaders to resolve them.

This book draws examples from 67 companies, including:

  • 20th Century Fox
  • HP
  • Motorola
  • Siemens

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 01: The Business Needs
  • Chapter 02: ECM Technologies
  • Chapter 03: Productivity and Return on Investment Measures
  • Chapter 04: Compliance and Corporate Governance
  • Chapter 05: The Enterprise
  • Chapter 06: Sales and Marketing
  • Chapter 07: Research and Development
  • Chapter 08: Manufacturing
  • Chapter 09: Services
  • Chapter 10: Administration
  • Chapter 11: Media
  • Chapter 12: Government
  • Chapter 13: Education
  • Chapter 14: Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences
  • Chapter 15: Energy, Chemical and Utility
  • Chapter 16: Insurance and Financial Services
  • Chapter 17: Telecommunications
  • Chapter 18: Architecture, Engineering and Construction
  • Chapter 19: Automotive
  • Chapter 20: Extended Enterprise and Online Marketplaces
  • Chapter 21: ECM and the Future