OpenText Web Site Management

Better connect their employees, partners, and customers to the information they need

OpenText Web Site Management (formerly OpenText Web Solutions and RedDot) allows organizations to intelligently manage and deliver information – one of their most valuable assets – easily and within context of the user. Our solutions provide an effective way to empower the people who interact with the content, and optimize the process for managing and delivering it to the Web, mobile, or other media channels. Through a controlled access and integration of content from across the organization, delivering a dynamic experience to employees, customers, partners, and visitors helps drive business forward.

Web Site Management offers a modular design of software capabilities, allowing flexible deployment depending on individual customer requirements. The variety of modules provide customers with efficient and easy-to-use tools for all stages of the content life cycle – allowing them to purchase what they need now and add additional functionality as their business changes. Web Site Management addresses the various stages and connections between the people, processes and content.

Web Site Management Solutions

Web Site Management offers a range of soluions to meet the needs of your organization:

OpenText Web Site Management for Microsoft® seamlessly creates your Web environment while leveraging the power of Microsoft SharePoint.